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Discover how to turn your telephone into a powerful sales tool. Use it to open doors, make appointments and increase your sales starting now.

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Turn your phone into an Appointment Making Machine, Increase your Sales Appointments, Increase your Sales Orders, Increase your Earnings and accelerate your career as a Sales Professional - Starting Now
If your selling cycle depends on getting FACE TO FACE appointments, then this programme is for you. Many sales people are great in front of customers.

Their problem is that they just don't get in front of enough of them.

Why? Well many potentially great sales people lack the essential skills required to gain appointments over the phone. They have never been trained and yet this is without a doubt a Key result area for top performers.

In face to face selling your ability to gain qualified appointments will ultimately determine your success.

During this programme you will:

Develop a winning attitude.

An attitude that says my products and services are good and new customers will gain great benefit from the appointments we make.

An attitude that says my customers always benefit from my products and services and all my business customers either make money or save money as a result of doing business with me.

Define your target market.

You will define your target market. You will also determine who you're phoning, why you're phoning and how your prospect is going to benefit from meeting you.

Develop a powerful script.

It's not good enough to say I'm in your area and I'd like to come and see you.' We help you develop a powerful, well thought out and skilfully delivered script.

The script will answer three important questions.

Who are you?

What do you want?

And what's in it for me?

You may develop a different script for different industries or product offerings.

The script will not sound scripted. It will be polite, courteous, friendly, interactive and persuasive.

Qualify the M.A.N

When you arrive at your appointment you want to be sitting in front of the right M.A.N. The person with the Money, Authority and Need. You will cover this as part of your script.

The Receptionist

You develop a script for handling the receptionist, the private secretary and any other gatekeepers you are likely to encounter on your way to the M.A.N.

Objection Handling

You will also discover how to identify and handle the following objections:

  • I'm too busy   
  • I'm just collecting information  
  • I'm not in the market  
  • We always use another supplier  
  • I don't need it   
  • I'm going on holiday   
  • You're too expensive 
  • Put it in the post
  • Leave it with me
  • I can't afford it
  • Tell me about it now
  • You should contact someone lower down
  • How much does it cost?
  • You'd be wasting your time