News : Take your Negotiation Skills to the next level

Whether you are buying or selling at the negotiating table you will definitely need to hone your skills to be successful!
3 great tips to enhance your negotiation skills
1 Aim High
2 Don’t Negotiate until Sold
3 Ask for What You Want and be ready to say No.
Be a Great Negotiator!
It doesn't matter if you are selling or buying, this course will give you the skills and confidence to Negotiate Great Deals.
13 areas that you will need to be skilled at to be a Successful Negotiator

• Purpose of Negotiation
• Negotiating Styles
• Four Types of Negotiation
• Characteristics of a Good Negotiator
• The Importance of Planning
• How to Conduct a S.W.O.T. Analysis
• Types of Power
• Strategy and Tactics
• How to use an Agenda
• Negotiating Gambits
• Team Negotiating
• Reaching Agreement
• Negotiating a Good Deal

Whether you are buying or selling at the negotiating table, you impact on the bottom line of your organisation.
If you want to become an exceptional Negotiator:

• Understand the negotiating process
• Master the negotiating strategies and tactics
• Drive down your buying prices
• Increase your selling prices
• Develop long term win win business relations
• Be confident at the negotiating table
• Get more of what you want

Learn new skills or enhance them
Join At MLP Training we have over 25 years of providing great Negotiating Training, we have trained over 25,000 delegates in 9 countries so you know you are attending a great course.
Our Successful Negotiator Course is packed with information and training to make you an exceptional negotiator.
We'll cover the whole negotiating process and help you master strategies and tactics to help you drive down your buying prices and increase selling prices
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