News : 11 Goal Setting Tips for Sales Professionals

Why is goal setting so important?

If you are a sales professional taking the time to set goals can give you a long-term vision and day to day motivation. It enables you to focus and develop whilst giving you the opportunity to organise your time and make sure that you have all the resources in hand to maximise results.

11 Top tips for goal setting

1. Goals enable you to develop a plan of where to start and a destination to reach.
2. Goals help you focus your attention on your targets, which positions you for success.
3. A specific goal does not take you around in circles; it puts you on a direct course of action.
4. Taking the time to write your goals helps you clarify what you need to do, understand the importance of them the commitment you will need to make to make them happen.
5. Goals are valuable to your success if they help you to reach your targets.
6. Remember to measure your goals progress, if you do not do this you will not stay on track and will not hit your targets.
7. Make SMART goals (specific, measured, attainable, relevant and timely)
8. Stop procrastinating the secret to achieving your goals is to get started.
9. To make your goals count you need to take action one step at a time.
10. Setting your goals can help you to measure your progress so you can then adjust and change tact to get to the end target.
11. Take accountability of your targets set goals that will guide you to reach them.
5 steps to set your goals

Take time to set your goals, remember to make SMART goals this helps to reach them, its no good setting yourself up to fail.  Be realistic!

1. Identify your motivation to achieve the goal.
2. Set goals that are specific and define what you aim to achieve.
3. Decide what you are going to do in order to achieve the desired goal.
4. Regularly measure and review your activity, results and progress in reaching your goal
5. Take small steps to achieve your goal

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