News : What do Customers Expect when it Comes to Customer Service?

Richard Branson famously said: “…if you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers.” - and its very sound advice. 
Fact: Your customers want you to meet their expectations…

Desired levels of customer service
Sufficient levels of customer service
Unsatisfactory customer service

How to identify desired levels of customer service for your business.

Customers expect a timely response whatever method of communication
Customers want relative relationships it may be personally with a live person for more complex issues, quick web form for an enquiry or question or a text if out and about  
Customers want flexibility in the way they connect
Customers want you to solve their problems and challenges
Customer service contact now comes in many forms it could be via:

 - social media
 - online chat
 - website forms
 - email
 - text
 - phone automated messages
 - phone live agent
 - answer phone
Happy and well-trained staff will definitely deliver higher customer service standards to your new and existing customers.

Being passionate about caring for your customer is directly related to the success of your business.

Let’s stop for a moment ….

Do you have a deep understanding of how your service meets your customer’s needs?

Not sure!

Then answer these 3 questions – Also ask these your team at your next meeting?

Do you have clear customer service guidance, training and processes for all staff?
Do you know what your customers’ experience is like are?
Do you manage your customers’ expectations?

Taking time to really understand your customers, can enable you to continually be aware and develop a truly customers focused team.

So, don’t wait if you want to be a customer driven business ACT now…

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