News : Great Sales Managers Coach and Develop Teams to Achieve More

Coaching and mentoring are development techniques designed to enhance the skills, knowledge and work performance of every member of your business team.  They are techniques that apply to employees in all departments and at all levels. Your people are your greatest assets and by supporting them through an established process of coaching and mentoring you will instil confidence and create a positivity that will lead to even greater business success.

How to become a great Coach and Mentor?

MLP can take Sales Mangers and give them the skills required for both coaching and mentoring by showing:

         the relationship between the two skills

         how they complement each other

         the distinction between where and when you should coach or mentor

What makes a great Coach or Mentor?

Being a coach or mentor is about supporting others to develop and manage their own learning. Therefore, this means:

         You need to be able to listen and facilitate objectively without solving peoples' problems for them. 

         You must be able to build the right kind of relationship and rapport with the person.

         You need to have good listening skills.

         You must totally respect confidentiality.

         You need to be interested both in your own learning and development and in supporting the learning and development of others.
 Now you can develop your coaching and mentoring skills to:

         Be a powerful coach and Mentor

         Find the good and great in every member of your team

         Help them set development goals

         Help them gain high self-esteem and confidence

         Help them to help you grow the business

         Give them support and encouragement

         Praise the procedures you want repeated and then teach them to become the next coach and mentor
So, if you are interested in developing your Coaching and Mentoring skills why not join us develop a coaching plan and come away with a personal action plan to get you started.

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