News : Build a motivated team of high achieving Sales Professionals

Sales Managers are in control of the power house of a company growth and development, because they are in charge of sales, and that means growth and development.
It is the Sales Manager and their sales team that will drive the success of the business.

A product or service, no matter how well designed, will only succeed with great sales, and great sales teams are developed by great Sales Managers.

Identify Key Result Areas

This can be a top down target made of what the company needs to achieve and a bottom up target made of what the Sales people are forecasting.
You now need to work out the Success Formula. By that I mean what needs to happen for you to hit your agreed Sales target.

These will be Key result areas. The activities required may include the following:

• Enquiries
• Appointments
• Quotations
• Demonstration
• Orders

 The question now is how many off each do you need to achieve in order to hit target. You will get this figure by analysing your conversation ratios at each step. Once you have the total numbers you now divide this between the Sales people so that each one can do their part.

What gets monitored gets done and inspect what you expect.

If you don’t inspect it, they think you don’t respect it and they stop doing it.

Increase motivation

If you want to motivate your sales people, then it’s simple. Catch your people doing something right and praise the procedures you want repeated. Recognition is a massive motivator. It costs nothing to say thank you but the rewards from recognition are priceless.

Drive motivation amongst your sales team, leading by example always grows a motivated, positive and nurturing environment for your team to thrive and succeed.
Train and Develop a team of high achieving Sales Professionals
Exceptional hiring skills are among the most desirable of all leadership skills in today’s workplace.
Develop your ability to select, motivate and retain the very best sales people this is a hallmark of both top sales managers and high performing companies.
Setting goals is crucial it is the master skill of time management and time management is the master skill of high achievers.
Increase your teams knowledge makes a real difference, coaching your team and enabling them to seek training on weaker areas can give them the confidence to excel. Be creative and offer them on the job training, e learning, face to face courses, self-study, encourage them to read relevant blogs, continually support on service or product knowledge.

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