News : What makes an outstanding Sales Manager?

Let’s, start by asking you, have you been promoted into your position with little or no training, coaching or guidance?
Yes, then you are not alone a high proportion of Sales Managers are.
Although this can work well for some, normally the person unfortunately has been set up to fail!
Whether you’re a sales executive who wants to help members of the sales team successfully navigate the transition, or you are trying to make the climb yourself, then here are some things you should know how to do and areas you need a good understanding in, so that you can be successful and get the job done. 
How to’s:
Understand and implement
Some questions to ask yourself…

Do you and your team have clear and specific goals?

Are you Motivated to Smash target?

Do you naturally motivate other members in your team and encourage them?

Are you a Great Coach and Mentor?

Do you interact well with other departments?

Do you enjoy analysing, forecasting and planning?

Are you able to share your knowledge with others?

Do catch your people doing something right?

Do you catch you celebrate success?

Are you able to share your knowledge with others?

If you have answered YES to the majority of these questions then you may be on the road to becoming an outstanding Sales Manager.
What next:
Identify your strengths and weaknesses and implement a continual development plan that will help you progress with the skills that you need.

Always review your skills and re adjust your development plan. (this can be a simply list of all the skills you need and score them (1 – 10)


There are many ways to enhance your skills, reading blogs and articles, asking for support from your manager, coaching, mentoring, online courses, face to face specific sales courses.