News : 6 Steps to successful appointments making

The rules with telephone appointment making are very simple.

If they can buy it over the phone then sell it over the phone.

However if they can't buy it over the phone don't try to sell it over the phone. The rule now is to sell the appointment not the product. One of the fastest ways for you to increase your sales is to increase your face to face time with customers.

If you can go from two appointments a day to four appointments a day you are in serious danger of increasing your sales by 100%.

Now, I didn't say every sales person should have four appointments a day the appointment target will change from industry to industry.

However, the principle remains that the more appointments you get the more you increase your chances of making a sale.

Many sales people are good in front of customers. The problem is they just don't get in front of enough of them.

Start at the end

Every great strategy starts with the end goal.
So how many sales do you want to make this year?
What is your conversion from appointment to order?
By knowing these two factors you can work out how many appointments you need make in order to hit target.

Identify the target audiences

The quality of the person that answers the phone is determined by the quality of the number you dial. Make a list of your target audiences in descending order of priority.

Develop a script for each target audience

You certainly do not want to sound as if you are reading a script. But if you only have time to say so many words they need to be the very best words.
Remember sales people who develop powerful scripts get the most appointments. You need a different script for each target audience. Your script needs to have a polite conversation style.

It also needs to answer the three three key questions:

1. Who are you?
2. What do you want?
3. What's in it for me?

Write and rewrite your scripts and role play them with your colleagues before going live.

Objection handling

All great sales people know the best time to handle an objection is before it comes up. We have identified 14 standard objections that sales people face when

Phoning for an appointment
We have also developed tried and tested ways to handle each of these
Don't hide from objections write them down and work on them so you are ready to handle anything that comes up

Make time for success

Because many sales people don't like phoning for appointments they tend to put it off. This is a big mistake. To avoid falling into this trap book an appointment with yourself to get this important work done. My advice is to block off one day a week to do your calls. Set yourself an appointment targets and stick at it.

If you have one successful day making appointments, then the rest of the week is going to be full of sales opportunities.

Get the next appointment before you leave

The best way to fill your diary with meaningful appointments is to get the next appointment before you leave the customer. Agree a contact strategy of when you should meet next.
Controlling the future

As a sales person your job is to control the future. The appointments you make today will determine the Sales you make tomorrow.

Decide today what success you want
Work out how many appointments you need to make
Identify your target audiences
Develop and role play the scripts
Have objection handling formulas
Make time for success
Have a contact strategy to get the next appointment before you leave

And take control of your future.

By Mike Le Put, Director, MLP Training. For more information about MLP Training and the courses on offer, visit their website.