News : The Role of Sales Management

As Sales Manager, you are in control of the power house of company growth and development because you are in charge of sales, and that means growth and development.

It is you and your sales team that will drive the success of your business.

A product or service, no matter how well designed, will only succeed with great sales, and great sales teams are developed by great Sales Managers.

6 Key skills of Sales Managers of today….

1. Recruit Train and Motivate a team of high achieving Sales Professionals
2. Identify Key Result Areas
3. Increase Motivation
4. Increase Knowledge
5. Increase Sales
6. Increase Profits

It is important that all Sales Managers review and take stock of their skills, notice patterns of behaviours and challenges that they are finding hard to deal with.  Being top of their game is crucial when managing a competitive department.

How to assess your skills and identify any skills gaps? 
Define and list everything you do or should do in your job. They may include the following:

Product Training
Sales Training
Defining Markets
Setting Targets
Pricing Structure

Make a full list of everything.

Take your list to the next level and define the competencies needed to complete each task.
Now score yourself on a scale of 0 to 10 against each competency in terms of how good you think you are.
Remember you need input from others, this could include your boss in a meeting or when you have an appraisal or you could ask your team when you are giving appraisals or in a meeting.

What next…

Once this is done, you will be able to see where the major differences are and then plan to update your skills with relevant courses, seek a coach or mentor for support.
Also use the same process for each of your team, you may be surprised when you know the areas that they are not so confident or skilled in.
MLP have been delivering courses for over 25 years here are some quick links you may find useful.