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Forecasting Future Sales

What would you say if I said I could take you to a time and a place where you could control the Future. Would that excite you?

Well now is the time and now is the place. Why? Because the sales that are coming in today have nothing to do with what you have done today.

They are the result of what you did or did not do yesterday.

If you are a farmer and you want a good harvest in summer then you know you have to start now.

No point waiting until harvest time to discover you have nothing to harvest.

A good farmer knows he needs to plough the fields sow the seed, water the plants and keep the crop healthy to reap the benefits.

Farming is a process and so is selling.

Great sales people and great Sales Managers understand that the skill is in  doing the right Sales

activities today in order to forecast the sales of the  future.

In very simple terms, No seeds no crop.

Keep up the good work and take control of your future.

Best regards.

Mike Le Put MLP Training.