News : An M.O.T for your Sales Team

An M.O. T For Your Sales Team


Sales people need a wide range of skills to be effective and successful in their role.

Below is a list of core competencies for Top Sales People. As you know in Sales everything counts. If your Sales people are going to produce outstanding results you need a Sales Team that scores ten out of ten in all areas.

Why not get your team to score themselves against a list like this the one below .  Ask for total honesty and emphasise that you want to give them the very best support in the most relevant areas.

You may even get the high scoring members to cover a topic at the next Sales Meeting.

.Telephone Selling.


.Appointment Making

.Rapport Building



.Identifying needs

.Confirming the Need

.Matching Product/Service Benefits

.Building a Desire

.Presenting the Solution

.Quotation Qualification

.Objection Handling

.Defending Price



.Follow up

.Account Development.

You can also focus on areas of need during Field visits and one to ones.



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