News : When Do You Close The Sale

When do you close?
You only close when your customer is ready to say Yes. How do you know when they are ready to say yes to the big question? It is when they have said yes to everything else.
You can think of closing like a room full of doors. The doors are called things like the Price door. The Specification door. The Delivery door. The Warranty door. The After-sales door.
When the customer says “leave it with me I’ll think about it” they are leaving the room via one or more of these doors.
The Sales Persons job is to Close all the doors.
A simple way to do this is to use what we call a Trail Close or a Summary Close.
Involve to solve.
Get the customer involved in the decision making with options and questions. For instance
What would be your ideal solution?
Would you like this specification or this specification?
Did you want to Buy. Hire, or Lease?
Use trails closes such as  How does that sound? How do you feel about that? What are your thoughts on what we have covered so far?
Are you happy with......?
If the customer is not happy with a detail then this door is still open and you can repackage the offer long before you ask for an order.
If the customer is happy on this, then this door is closed and you can move on to the next part of the sales process.
Remember you cannot close the Sale until all the doors are closed.
Trial closing achieves three things:
It tells you where you are in the sales process.
It tells you when to ask for the order.
It increases your conversion ratio.
This is one of most important thing you can do to improve closing techniques.

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