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The Essential Steps to Successful Event Management:

Event Selection

Make sure you have a market for this event, in this place at this price at this time of year.

Great Team

Select a team of High energy, low maintenance winners with a Can Do attitude.

Project Plan

With mile stones a team member ownership. Covering Who What When How and Why.

Great venue

Get the right venue. In terms of Security, location, image, price, quality service and support. 

Great Data

Identify the target market and get this very best data.

Proven Routs to Market

E-mail Direct Mail PR Social media Telesales Road shows Local radio etc.

Great Web Site

With simple to use online Booking and payment.

Customer Focused Procedures

With empowered people who can make it easy for customers do business with us.

Follow up & Tracking systems

What gets monitored gets done. Inspect what you expect.

Praise the procedure you want repeated. And catch your people doing something right.

Control Cost

Delegate, and outsource costs, and liabilities.

Get Paid

Cash flow is king. Ensure you get paid on time.

Event Debrief

What would we do differently?

Celebrate your success and give credit to the team.

Find Another Great Project! 

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