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Take your Negotiation Skills to the next level

19/06/2018 11:43:19

Whether you are buying or selling at the negotiating table you will definitely need to hone your skills to be successful!
3 great tips to enhance your negotiation skills
1 Aim High
2 Don’t Negotiate until Sold
3 Ask for What You Want and be ready to say No.
Be a Great Negotiator!
It doesn't matter if you are selling or buying, this course will give you the skills and confidence to Negotiate Great Deals.
13 areas that you will need to be skilled at to be a Successful Negotiator

• Purpose of Negotiation
• Negotiating Styles
• Four Types of Negotiation
• Characteristics of a Good Negotiator
• The Importance of Planning
• How to Conduct a S.W.O.T. Analysis
• Types of Power
• Strategy and Tactics
• How to use an Agenda
• Negotiating Gambits
• Team Negotiating
• Reaching Agreement
• Negotiating a Good Deal

Whether you are buying or selling at the negotiating table, you impact on the bottom line of your organisation.
If you want to become an exceptional Negotiator:

• Understand the negotiating process
• Master the negotiating strategies and tactics
• Drive down your buying prices
• Increase your selling prices
• Develop long term win win business relations
• Be confident at the negotiating table
• Get more of what you want

Learn new skills or enhance them
Join At MLP Training we have over 25 years of providing great Negotiating Training, we have trained over 25,000 delegates in 9 countries so you know you are attending a great course.
Our Successful Negotiator Course is packed with information and training to make you an exceptional negotiator.
We'll cover the whole negotiating process and help you master strategies and tactics to help you drive down your buying prices and increase selling prices
Negotiating Skills Training Next Course in Bury 3rd July 2018 use Voucher code CM50 for 50% funding
You can register online here or call 01204 888826

11 Goal Setting Tips for Sales Professionals

07/06/2018 14:16:21

Why is goal setting so important?

If you are a sales professional taking the time to set goals can give you a long-term vision and day to day motivation. It enables you to focus and develop whilst giving you the opportunity to organise your time and make sure that you have all the resources in hand to maximise results.

11 Top tips for goal setting

1. Goals enable you to develop a plan of where to start and a destination to reach.
2. Goals help you focus your attention on your targets, which positions you for success.
3. A specific goal does not take you around in circles; it puts you on a direct course of action.
4. Taking the time to write your goals helps you clarify what you need to do, understand the importance of them the commitment you will need to make to make them happen.
5. Goals are valuable to your success if they help you to reach your targets.
6. Remember to measure your goals progress, if you do not do this you will not stay on track and will not hit your targets.
7. Make SMART goals (specific, measured, attainable, relevant and timely)
8. Stop procrastinating the secret to achieving your goals is to get started.
9. To make your goals count you need to take action one step at a time.
10. Setting your goals can help you to measure your progress so you can then adjust and change tact to get to the end target.
11. Take accountability of your targets set goals that will guide you to reach them.
5 steps to set your goals

Take time to set your goals, remember to make SMART goals this helps to reach them, it’s no good setting yourself up to fail.  Be realistic!

1. Identify your motivation to achieve the goal.
2. Set goals that are specific and define what you aim to achieve.
3. Decide what you are going to do in order to achieve the desired goal.
4. Regularly measure and review your activity, results and progress in reaching your goal
5. Take small steps to achieve your goal

Hope you find these tips useful, if you need support on how to Set Goals, Prioritise, take action and get results, then consider joining us here

What do Customers Expect when it Comes to Customer Service?

30/05/2018 16:00:54

Richard Branson famously said: “…if you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers.” - and its very sound advice. 
Fact: Your customers want you to meet their expectations…

Desired levels of customer service
Sufficient levels of customer service
Unsatisfactory customer service

How to identify desired levels of customer service for your business.

Customers expect a timely response whatever method of communication
Customers want relative relationships it may be personally with a live person for more complex issues, quick web form for an enquiry or question or a text if out and about  
Customers want flexibility in the way they connect
Customers want you to solve their problems and challenges
Customer service contact now comes in many forms it could be via:

 - social media
 - online chat
 - website forms
 - email
 - text
 - phone automated messages
 - phone live agent
 - answer phone
Happy and well-trained staff will definitely deliver higher customer service standards to your new and existing customers.

Being passionate about caring for your customer is directly related to the success of your business.

Let’s stop for a moment ….

Do you have a deep understanding of how your service meets your customer’s needs?

Not sure!

Then answer these 3 questions – Also ask these your team at your next meeting?

Do you have clear customer service guidance, training and processes for all staff?
Do you know what your customers’ experience is like are?
Do you manage your customers’ expectations?

Taking time to really understand your customers, can enable you to continually be aware and develop a truly customers focused team.

So, don’t wait if you want to be a customer driven business ACT now…

Need help to develop and embed desired customer service in your business then get in touch.
Call: 01204 888826
Join our next Customer Excellence course here 

Not achieving your sales targets?

25/05/2018 10:29:41

FACT: Nothing will happen to increase your sales without action from you.
In all sales teams we see low, average and high performers.
So why is it that Sales people selling the same products get different results?
High achieving sales people know What to Do and How to Do It.
So, don’t bury your head in the sand, identify areas that you need support with and develop your skills, enhance your knowledge and learn from over 25 years of experience.
Mike Le Put has been training Sales People in the UK, USA, Europe and the Far East. He knows that the Best Sales People & Best Sales Teams, like the Best Athletes, invest in continuous training and personal development.
MLP offer open courses for individuals or groups in Manchester and onsite training for groups of delegates so if interested click here

Great Sales Managers Coach and Develop Teams to Achieve More

09/05/2018 15:30:56

Coaching and mentoring are development techniques designed to enhance the skills, knowledge and work performance of every member of your business team.  They are techniques that apply to employees in all departments and at all levels. Your people are your greatest assets and by supporting them through an established process of coaching and mentoring you will instil confidence and create a positivity that will lead to even greater business success.

How to become a great Coach and Mentor?

MLP can take Sales Mangers and give them the skills required for both coaching and mentoring by showing:

·         the relationship between the two skills

·         how they complement each other

·         the distinction between where and when you should coach or mentor

What makes a great Coach or Mentor?

Being a coach or mentor is about supporting others to develop and manage their own learning. Therefore, this means:

·         You need to be able to listen and facilitate objectively without solving peoples' problems for them. 

·         You must be able to build the right kind of relationship and rapport with the person.

·         You need to have good listening skills.

·         You must totally respect confidentiality.

·         You need to be interested both in your own learning and development and in supporting the learning and development of others.
 Now you can develop your coaching and mentoring skills to:

·         Be a powerful coach and Mentor

·         Find the good and great in every member of your team

·         Help them set development goals

·         Help them gain high self-esteem and confidence

·         Help them to help you grow the business

·         Give them support and encouragement

·         Praise the procedures you want repeated and then teach them to become the next coach and mentor
So, if you are interested in developing your Coaching and Mentoring skills why not join us develop a coaching plan and come away with a personal action plan to get you started.

Why not join us on the next course and book your place now?

Build a motivated team of high achieving Sales Professionals

02/05/2018 16:33:34

Sales Managers are in control of the power house of a company growth and development, because they are in charge of sales, and that means growth and development.
It is the Sales Manager and their sales team that will drive the success of the business.

A product or service, no matter how well designed, will only succeed with great sales, and great sales teams are developed by great Sales Managers.

Identify Key Result Areas

This can be a top down target made of what the company needs to achieve and a bottom up target made of what the Sales people are forecasting.
You now need to work out the Success Formula. By that I mean what needs to happen for you to hit your agreed Sales target.

These will be Key result areas. The activities required may include the following:

• Enquiries
• Appointments
• Quotations
• Demonstration
• Orders

 The question now is how many off each do you need to achieve in order to hit target. You will get this figure by analysing your conversation ratios at each step. Once you have the total numbers you now divide this between the Sales people so that each one can do their part.

What gets monitored gets done and inspect what you expect.

If you don’t inspect it, they think you don’t respect it and they stop doing it.

Increase motivation

If you want to motivate your sales people, then it’s simple. Catch your people doing something right and praise the procedures you want repeated. Recognition is a massive motivator. It costs nothing to say thank you but the rewards from recognition are priceless.

Drive motivation amongst your sales team, leading by example always grows a motivated, positive and nurturing environment for your team to thrive and succeed.
Train and Develop a team of high achieving Sales Professionals
Exceptional hiring skills are among the most desirable of all leadership skills in today’s workplace.
Develop your ability to select, motivate and retain the very best sales people this is a hallmark of both top sales managers and high performing companies.
Setting goals is crucial it is the master skill of time management and time management is the master skill of high achievers.
Increase your teams knowledge makes a real difference, coaching your team and enabling them to seek training on weaker areas can give them the confidence to excel. Be creative and offer them on the job training, e learning, face to face courses, self-study, encourage them to read relevant blogs, continually support on service or product knowledge.

Need help to drive performance, motivate your team, contact us here to see how we can help.

Be Assertive in Every Situation and get more of what you want out of life

18/04/2018 15:30:01

Assertiveness is a life skill that can be learnt and practiced.
People you are not assertive can be plagued by the following:
- Fight or flight response to certain situations
- Unable to Manage their feelings
- Unable to make requests or say no to people
All of these can really cause immense feelings of stress, anxiety and can inhibit your ability to take control of your life.
MLP Training have been training people for over 25 years and have developed an Assertiveness course that will give you the skills and mind-set to want to be more assertiveness so you can influence others in a positive and respectful way.
Assertiveness Skills Course Content:
 - Identifying behaviour types
 - Verbal and non-verbal behaviour
 - Benefits of assertiveness 
 - Confidence breeds assertiveness
 - Fight or flight
 - Stimulus - Response Model
 - Managing your feelings
 - Transactional Analysis
 - Inner dialogue control
 - Assertiveness skills and solutions
 - Making requests and saying no
Who should attend this Assertiveness course?
If you can identify with any of the above then you will definitely enhance your skills to be Assertive in your interactions with others.
If you want to be more Assertive join us for the next one day course at The Bolholt Country Park Hotel Bury BL8 1PU 

Never underestimate the power of good business presentations!

11/04/2018 13:59:44

Do you have the skills, and confidence to deliver powerful presentations?

Whether you’re new to public speaking or looking for ways to dynamically improve your presentation then having the winning edge will enable you to give powerful and persuasive presentations every time.There is a formula for success but here are our first steps you need to prepare your presentation so let’s start here…..
Set your objectives – ask yourself the following 4 questions

1. Why do you need to deliver a presentation?
2. What is the purpose of people attending your presentation?
3. What do you want your audience to have learnt or understood by the end of your presentation?
4. Do you want your audience to take specific action following your presentation?

Now define your Audience

Who are your Audience?

(Managers, Directors, Board Members, Team Members, Individual buyer, Group of delegates)
Know you have a really good understanding of why you are presenting and who to you can now start developing your content to meet your objectives.
Develop your content

Prior to starting to write your presentation script, you will need to have a basic outline of your ideas, main points and design that you wish present. 
*Remember to plan the beginning, middle and end!
Write your presentations down in rough add image spaces, choosing these will make your presentation interesting.
However, if you need further support want to enhance your skills and confidence for Public Speaking, be able to deliver a Dynamic Sales presentation or motivate your Team by being able to stand and deliver a great presentation, join us at our One Day Confident Presentation Skills course in Bury Manchester click here

3 Telephone Sales Training Tips

03/04/2018 14:13:27

Know why you are calling!

Introduction call

Do not think of this as a cold call it is an introduction of your company to theirs, you want the opportunity to identify if you can find a solution to a business challenges.

Up selling call

Once you have spoken with the right person, it is good to keep in touch with customer service calls see if their situation has changed in their business, and if you can help them by upselling another service or product to ease their new challenges.

Follow up call

If you have discussed a product of service but the person has not made a decision you should call and follow up, making every effort to understand the situation and determine a way to either close, or take the discussion forward making your aim to come to positive conclusion.

Understand your performance

Keeping track of your sales and understanding the sales cycle will enable you to plan for the future

• Length of time to close a sale
• Percentage of sales closed in a set period
• Closing ratio
• Call Connection ratio
• Number of lost sales opportunities
• Previous sales figures by month

Build your personal confidence on the phone
Speak with enthusiasm, it is easy to put people off speaking to you when someone drones on.
Gatekeepers are Friends in the making, understanding how to engage with the Gatekeeper it is crucial for your success.
Be personable, professional know who you want to talk to and be able to ask succinctly. Often Gatekeeps are busy people and will want to direct your call as quickly as they can.
A picture paints a thousand words, so be confident about why you are calling, use a script to hone your call so that they will find what you are saying interesting, of benefit which will encourage them to reply to you.

Prepare prior to your call, have the person’s name and the name of their company on a piece of paper in front of you as you call so you do is to accidently forget who you’re calling just as they answer.
One of my bug bares is background noise make sure that you are in a suitable environment prior to calling or answering the phone.
Confirm and Reaffirm every step of the way, this is key to closing the sale.
Pace yourself when talking do not hurry the conversation along and make sure that you listen and understand what they are saying.
Having a mirror on your desk to allow you to see yourself talking. Will help to increase your energy on the call and it also helps you to remember to smile which your customers will hear this in your voice.
Using a headset can once you are used to it improve your energy in the conversation enabling you to stand and move around.
Next steps
Need support join our next course click here

Goal Setting is the master skill of time management

29/03/2018 12:24:54

Goal Setting is the master skill of time management and time management is the master skill of high achievers.

They help you to:
- Provide Direction
- Meet Deadlines
- Avoid Wasted Time
- Manage Distractions
Would you like to learn how to set your goals and manage your time to achieve more?

MLP Training have been providing powerful courses for over 25 years and we know:

Great Time Managers Are Action Orientated.
They Don't Just Think. They Take Action and Get Results.

So, consider fast-tracking your team, company or personal potential by eliminating distractions, identifying priorities, taking control, and hitting your targets.

Start now and up skill and learn how to:

- Set Personal & Company Goals
- Remove Success Obstacles
- Set your Career Goals
- Write your own Positive Plan
- Find Time for the Important Things in Life
- Prioritise
- Use Key Time Savers
- Remove Time Wasters
- Apply the Four Steps to Outstanding Achievement
- Delegate
- Get Things Done
- Control Interruptions
- Overcome Procrastination
- Distinguish the Difference between Urgent an Important
- Use YOUR Time to Achieve More of what YOU want
- One-to-One Personal Development

"It was a stimulating and interesting day. Mike Le Put's enthusiasm is contagious, this course was very beneficial!". Sally Anne Scilfer, A-Pex Marketing.
"Brilliant. Completely changed my outlook on delegation" Lee Shore Merrehill Marketing"
" Really enjoyed the course. Mike was an excellent trainer" Linda Coleman GNB Industrial Power.

Why not join us on the next Goal Setting & Time Management course!

You can book online or call 01204 888826 or e-mail

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