Sales Training.

2 days

Now you can have your own 2 day online training course from £750+vat.
Or we can come to you and train your team as a team for £1500+vat per day+travel.
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Why online?
No need to travel to a venue and you can work from home. You can join a group or book a date for a one on one course.

The course material will be e-mailed to you in advance so that you can familiarise yourself with the content before the course starts.

Everything You Need To Know About Successful Selling Is In This Dynamic Sales Training Course.

With Over 20,000 Delegates Trained This Course Is Tried Tested And Proven To Increase Sales

Why this course.
We are now celebrating 30 Years of Providing Great Sales Training for great Sales Professionals.

Founded in 1990 we have trained over 20,000 delegates. This Powerful Sales Training Course has been carefully honed using continuous customer satisfaction surveys and best practice.

Learn when and how to close the Sale.
You close when your customer is ready to say Yes. How do you know when they are ready to say yes to big question? It is when they have said yes to everything else.

You can think of closing like a room full of doors. The doors are called things like the Price door. The Specification door. The Delivery door. The Warranty door. The Aftersales door.
When the customer says “leave it with me I’ll think about it” they are leaving the room via one or more of these doors.
The Sales Persons job is to Close all the doors.

This two-day Sales Training course is designed to give delegates the confidence to sell at any level. The skills and techniques taught are all practical proven methods of increasing
sales and profits.

Taking delegates step-by-step through the Sales cycle, we pinpoint why it is that two sales people with the same product can achieve different levels of success.

Many sales people hope they will get lucky.
Smart sales people know that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Sales Champions do their preparation - then go out and create the opportunities. This Sales Training course will give you the skills to excel these areas.

Course Content
This highly-interactive Sales Training course gives every delegate the opportunity for personal attention. Each exercise enables delegates to relate information to their own specific product, service,industry and market.

Each delegate will complete their own, provided, sales training manual which will serve as a constant reminder of the skills covered in this powerful course.

Who should attend?
All those determined to increase motivation, sales and profits. Whether new to sales or looking for ways to sharpen existing skills.

You will cover:
• Positive Mental Attitude
• The importance of product knowledge
• Target market
• The importance of keeping today’s customers
• Finding new business
• Appointments
• Non-verbal communication
• How to sell yourself
• Why people buy
• Questioning skills
• Listening skills
• Identification of needs & Building a desire
• Matching desire to product
• Powerful presentations
• Gaining commitment
• Turning quotations into orders
• Objection handling
• Price
• Closing the sale

"What an Amazing 2 days." Thomas Kershaw JR Whitehead 2000 ltd.

"By far the best training session I've attended, Nicola Hatton Midland HR

"Excellent Course. Very well Presented"Calum Vercity

"This sales course is a must for any Sales Person" Chris Waring. Asco Numatics

"Thoroughly enjoyed it, Several light bulb moments." George Dodwell LC Auomation

Want More Sales?
Nothing Will Happen To Increase Your Sales Without Action From You.

If you are determined to be the best then this is for you.
You can book online or call 01939 235 168 to arrange training at your location.



This was the most informative and most interesting course I have ever attended. I feel more motivated and excited about my job now. The information was very well presented and very relevant. I feel I have learned a tremendous amount of very important information and many new techniques” Chris Dewall, Midcom Ltd