FREE Business Strategies Workshop

1 day

A Free Programme for Strategic Growth offered to Senior Managers.

Do You Want A FREE Business Strategy Workshop For Your Business?
Then if you are an MLP customer This Is For You,

See below for course details.
We are now offering 
a FREE  Business Strategy workshops for MLP Customers.

The MLP customer  one day workshops are provided Free to Senior Managers. Maximum of 2 delegates per company.

The purpose is to help our customers develop a clear vision of where they want their business to be by 2020.

To define the size shape and structure of the business and to develop a plan of action.

Great Leaders have a clear vision of what the future looks like and a passion and plan to make it happen.

This day is designed to help you create your vision and your plan.
Location: Bury, Manchester
Duration: 1 day
During this programme you will:
  • Develop a Vision of how you see the business now and how you see it in the future.
  • Produce a 6 step action plan to achieve the goal.
  • Define what your customers and your people expect.
  • Forecast Turnover, Headcount, and Profit.
  • Identify the biggest challenge at each step.
  • Your role now and in the future.
  • Ownership. Determine who is going to make this happen.
  • Decide who has to motivated in order to get this done?
  • Develop a plan to engage the team in the VISION?
  • Commitment to action and Follow-up.
Who should attend.
This is a FREE service offered to existing MLP customers at Senior Management Level who want to grow the business. Maximum of 2 delegates per company.
You can book online (use invoice option) 0.00
Call 01204 888826 or e-mail
Places subject to availability,

Hope you can join us