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1 day

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Negotiated money is the fastest money you will ever make or lose for your business. Whether you are buying or selling at the negotiating table, you impact on the bottom line of your organisation. If you cannot negotiate in your best interests, you are at the mercy of those who can.

Negotiating is a game and like all games there are rules. Once you master these rules you will understand that, in this game, both parties can win. In the win-win negotiation both parties leave the negotiation happy to honour the agreements made at the table, because both
parties benefit.

The course covers these core areas:
The Purpose of Negotiation
Negotiating Styles
Four Types of Negotiation
10 Ways to be a great Negotiator
Characteristics of a Good Negotiator
The Importance of Planning
How to Conduct a S.W.O.T. Analysis
Types of Power
Strategy and Tactics
How to use an Agenda
Negotiating Gambits
Team Negotiating
Reaching Agreement
The Guaranteed Formula for Negotiating a Good Deal.

Who should attend?
This course is for all those buyers and sellers who want to negotiate win-win long term profitable business.

"Great negotiating course." Stefanie Sperring, Wurth Electronics"
"Good course overall" - well worth the money." P Evans, Vocalink
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"Excellent negotiating course & well delivered" Will Parker Roof Space Solutions