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Too Expensive


Ten Replies to Too Expensive

The best was to handle price is to do a Worth Analysis and focus on what it is worth not on what it costs. Outside of that  I have listed 10 replies to help in in this area.

1 Too Expensive

You know Mr Smith youíre only going to design this once in the next five years. You want it to be the most reliable component  you can get donít you? Why donít you take it?

2 Too Expensive

What weíre talking about here is an investment in your business. And your business deserves the best doesn't it? Why donít you take it?

3 Too Expensive

But you wouldnít let that stop you having the most reliable components on the market would you? Why donít you take it?

4 Too Expensive

You have worked hard to but this project together and you want to support it with the very best, up to date electronics you can get donít you? Why donít you take it?

5 Too Expensive

You know that Quality is remembered long after price has been forgotten. And quality and reliability is going to be vital in this operation. Why donít you take it?

6 Too Expensive

You can always buy cheaper, but you canít buy better. And you do want the best you can get donít you? Why donít you take it?

7 Too Expensive

I understand you want value for money Mr Smith. Letís look at where the value and the savings are for Smith & Co.

8 Too Expensive

Itís an investment in the quality of your business and the quality of service you give your customers. And thatís Priceless isnít it? Why donít you take it?

9 Too Expensive

If you cut back on the quality of your components you cut back on the quality of service you give your customers and thatís where the real profit is in your business Why donít you take it?

10 Too Expensive

You know Mr Smith, looking at your building, your offices your car. Youíre not a man that buys on price. You want Quality and reliability. And this is the best there is. Why donít you take it?

Sales Forecasting


Forecasting Future Sales

What would you say if I said I could take you to a time and a place where you could control the Future. Would that excite you?

Well now is the time and now is the place. Why? Because the sales that are coming in today have nothing to do with what you have done today.

They are the result of what you did or did not do yesterday.

If you are a farmer and you want a good harvest in summer then you know you have to start now.

No point waiting until harvest time to discover you have nothing to harvest.

A good farmer knows he needs to plough the fields sow the seed, water the plants and keep the crop healthy to reap the benefits.

Farming is a process and so is selling.

Great sales people and great Sales Managers understand that the skill is in  doing the right Sales

activities today in order to forecast the sales of the  future.

In very simple terms, No seeds no crop.

Keep up the good work and take control of your future.

Best regards.

Mike Le Put MLP Training.

An M.O.T for your Sales Team


An M.O. T For Your Sales Team


Sales people need a wide range of skills to be effective and successful in their role.

Below is a list of core competencies for Top Sales People. As you know in Sales everything counts. If your Sales people are going to produce outstanding results you need a Sales Team that scores ten out of ten in all areas.

Why not get your team to score themselves against a list like this the one below .  Ask for total honesty and emphasise that you want to give them the very best support in the most relevant areas.

You may even get the high scoring members to cover a topic at the next Sales Meeting.

.Telephone Selling.


.Appointment Making

.Rapport Building



.Identifying needs

.Confirming the Need

.Matching Product/Service Benefits

.Building a Desire

.Presenting the Solution

.Quotation Qualification

.Objection Handling

.Defending Price



.Follow up

.Account Development.

You can also focus on areas of need during Field visits and one to ones.



Hope this help. Why not share with a friend.

Best regards

Mike Le Put MLP Training

When Do You Close The Sale


When do you close?
You only close when your customer is ready to say Yes. How do you know when they are ready to say yes to the big question? It is when they have said yes to everything else.
You can think of closing like a room full of doors. The doors are called things like the Price door. The Specification door. The Delivery door. The Warranty door. The After-sales door.
When the customer says ďleave it with me Iíll think about itĒ they are leaving the room via one or more of these doors.
The Sales Persons job is to Close all the doors.
A simple way to do this is to use what we call a Trail Close or a Summary Close.
Involve to solve.
Get the customer involved in the decision making with options and questions. For instance
What would be your ideal solution?
Would you like this specification or this specification?
Did you want to Buy. Hire, or Lease?
Use trails closes such as  How does that sound? How do you feel about that? What are your thoughts on what we have covered so far?
Are you happy with......?
If the customer is not happy with a detail then this door is still open and you can repackage the offer long before you ask for an order.
If the customer is happy on this, then this door is closed and you can move on to the next part of the sales process.
Remember you cannot close the Sale until all the doors are closed.
Trial closing achieves three things:
It tells you where you are in the sales process.
It tells you when to ask for the order.
It increases your conversion ratio.
This is one of most important thing you can do to improve closing techniques.

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Getting Apppointments


Get your Sales People in front of more customers.
This powerful B2B Appointments Setting Course will be run at the Bolholt Country Park Hotel Bury BL8 1PU.
18th March 2020

1-2 Delegates £375 +VAT per person
3-4 Delegates £295 +VAT per person
5+ Delegates £249 +VAT per person

FREE PARKING and lunch is provided.
You can book online or call us on 01204 888826

Celebrating 30 years of providing outstanding training


Thank you
We are now celebrating 30 years of providing outstanding training to the UK and overseas.
And we want to thank our customers for the high level of support they have given us over the years.
At MLP Training we understand that our customers demand the very best training. That is why we only provide the following.


Great Trainers
MLP trainers are among the world's finest. They deliver great training and are highly recommended: backed-up by strong testimonials from their delegates and by constant performance evaluation.
Great Courses
These Powerful Courses have been carefully honed using continuous customer satisfaction surveys and best practice. They are tried ,tested and proven to deliver results.
Great Venue
Set in 50 acres of park land and with large, air-conditioned training rooms, our venue also offers delegates free parking, free wi-fi and free use of the gym. This is a great place for you to learn new skills.
Great Results
Since 1990 we have built our reputation on getting good results for our customers.That is why they continue to use MLP as part of their Continuous Professional Development programmes.

Event Management


The Essential Steps to Successful Event Management:

Event Selection

Make sure you have a market for this event, in this place at this price at this time of year.

Great Team

Select a team of High energy, low maintenance winners with a Can Do attitude.

Project Plan

With mile stones a team member ownership. Covering Who What When How and Why.

Great venue

Get the right venue. In terms of Security, location, image, price, quality service and support. 

Great Data

Identify the target market and get this very best data.

Proven Routs to Market

E-mail Direct Mail PR Social media Telesales Road shows Local radio etc.

Great Web Site

With simple to use online Booking and payment.

Customer Focused Procedures

With empowered people who can make it easy for customers do business with us.

Follow up & Tracking systems

What gets monitored gets done. Inspect what you expect.

Praise the procedure you want repeated. And catch your people doing something right.

Control Cost

Delegate, and outsource costs, and liabilities.

Get Paid

Cash flow is king. Ensure you get paid on time.

Event Debrief

What would we do differently?

Celebrate your success and give credit to the team.

Find Another Great Project! 

See More


Guaranteed Funding for your business


Guaranteed Funding For your Business


Did you know that as a UK company you are still entitled to 50% UK Funding on a full range MLP Sales Training & Management Training Courses.


Simply visit the website  select a course and enter UK Funding voucher code F50 the code will reduce the cost of your training by 50%.


At MLP Training we run over 80 courses a year at our training venue. Now you can Key into this great training.


Hope you can join us while the funding lasts.


Best regards


 Mike Le Put

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Train Your Team As A Team



Why not train your team as a team.

At MLP Training we can provide a Trainer to Train your Team as a Team on any of the courses on our site

Great Courses

These Powerful Courses have been carefully honed using continuous customer satisfaction surveys and best practice. They are tried, tested and proven to deliver great results.

Great Trainers

MLP Trainers are among the UKís Finest with each one having a minimum of 25 years experience. They deliver great training and are highly recommended.

Great Value

If you have a number of delegates to train you could make substantial savings by Training your Team as a Team.

Company Focused

The training will be company specific focusing and on the needs of your people.

Why not select a course and contact on 01204 888826 e-mail

We look forward to hearing from you

Best regards

Mike Le Put
MLP Training

Managing Change After Brexit


According to the Gartner 2019 Future of HR Survey 47% of HR Leaders are looking at Change Management as a Top priority.

This is going to be a year of change for most companies in the UK and Senior Managers are working hard to ensure their teams are ready for that change.

The Good News is that at MLP Training we has 50% UK funding available for you to train your team.


On the 10 April Melanie Windle senior Change Management Consultant at MLP Trainer will be running a one day Managing Change course at The Bolholt Country Park Hotel Bury.


Who is this course suitable for?


Managers and leaders who have to work through changes and get teams and individuals on board with that change.


It would also be very beneficial for those who are experiencing change and would like to understand their own reactions to it and know how to handle change constructively.


Managing Change course content:

- Why do organisations experience change?

- The pace of change

- Continuous Improvement

- The Change Model

- 12 Rules for overcoming resistance

- Raising morale and motivation in self and others

- Creating a high-performance culture

- Using PESTLE Analysis for identifying future changes

- Planning a change process in detail

- Personal action plans.


Please Note This course has 50% UK Funding reducing the delegate from £375+vat to just £187.50+vat


You can book online CLICK Call 01204 888826 Quote Funding Voucher code F50 or e-mail

Hope you can join us while the funding lasts.


Best regards

Mike Le Put MLP Training.

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