News : Our three points for Leadership in 2018

Want to develop your Leadership and Management skills? Then consider our three key points for successful leadership.

Firstly, itís crucial to appreciate each and every role that comes within your scope of management. To use a wrist watch as an analogy, it doesnít matter whether you are the second hand or a small cog hidden within the casing. If one component of the watch doesnít work the entire watch is broken. It is therefore your responsibility as somebody in a position of leadership to continuously inspire and motivate those working around you to reach shared goals. Taking this a step further, it is important for every member of the team to feel not just appreciated but truly valued. The realisation of the importance and appreciation of their role will develop a greater sense of responsibility to produce quality. This will lead to greater cohesion and communication within the team. Once each role is understood then each member knows what can and cannot be asked of them. Then together the team can strive to get the most from each role. This communication and transparency allows company goals and values to become the ones which the individual shares and upholds. Moving forward together under your leadership and direction.

Secondly, itís all about trust. Trust and respect will be easier to ascertain and develop once they know that you appreciate, value their work and efforts. Trust in their methods when the results are on track but more importantly trust that when they offer constructive criticism or advice that they have the experience and expertise to back it up. This demonstrates confidence in your own ability, trust in their advice and flexibility to adapt for the better. Sometimes you have to step back to move forward. Itís all too easy to be drawn into every aspect of the company, itís a mistake many passionate and hardworking managers make. This must always be done carefully and with respect to those around you. This often leads to micro-management and an overbearing boss can stifle progress. This includes occupations youíve held previously, times and procedures change and itís up to you to respect and adapt to the new processes. If you want your team to develop and grow you must have faith in their ability, respect their methods and access the results. This process of stepping back and trust will allow a team mentality and a sense of unity to develop.

Finally, catch them with compliments. Creating a positive work environment promotes camaraderie. This develops a team mentality that you arenít working because you have to but because you want to. Through this process you can start to introduce peer to peer mentoring and assessment. This allows expertise to be shared and mitigates loss of skill. This system of learning from the past enables you to be better prepared for the future. This is important because building the confidence within your team culminates in a conducive work environment where ideas can flourish. A good leader inspires confidence but more importantly listens to the concerns and ideas around them. This reiterates the point that they are valued and gives them the confidence to assist in the direction and targets of the team as a whole. Criticism is never easy to hear but when itís constructive and necessary you take another step to becoming a better team player. When you trust in and praise the hard work of those around you appreciate their role and their efforts, bringing the three key points together: you will be a leader.

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