News : Selling & Negotiating Finance rates?

If you are selling anything of value you are properly in evolved in providing finance.

Many time Sales People can increase sales by understanding exactly what the customer has been offered when told.

Your Too expensive.

Below is a list of qualifying question that can help you and your team Close more deals.

I wish you every success. 

Mike Le Put
Too expensive

1. As compared to?
2. How do you mean?
3. In relation to?
4. Tell me why do you say that?

I have had a better offer

1. Tell me about it.
2. Who is it from?
3. How do you feel about that offer?
4. What exactly have you been offered?
5. What is included in that offer?
6. What is excluded from that offer?
7. How is the offer structured?
8. What are the cancellation clauses?
9. What is the deposit?
10. What is the termination notice?
11. Who has ownership?
12. What happens at the end of the term?
13. What monthly figure do you need to get to?
14. Whatís more important the monthly figure or the total cost?
15. When can you go ahead with this?
16. What would be your Ideal?
17. What have I got to do to get your business?
18. Given that I canít get down to that how close have I got to get?
19. I canít do it that why but I would you say if I could lower the monthly figure if we did it this way.
20. Remember Change the Package not the Price

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