News : 9 great ideas for Sales people

Do you have successful selling skills?

Could you do with some refreshing ideas or to enhance your skills further?
If so then read on….
Do you know… that 20% of Sales People get 80% off the Business!
Why, because they know that hope is not a strategy.
How to become an outstanding Sales Professional

1. Luck is when preparation is meets opportunity. That’s why great salespeople do their preparation then go out and create the opportunity.
2. Set smart Goals, work towards them, analyse your performance
3. Keep on keeping on and never fall into the valley of excuses

How to Open more doors

1. Identify the Correct door
2. Find the Key decision maker
3. Find the Hot- Button
How to Close more Sales

1. Build rapport
2. Find the Problem
3. Provide the solution

If you feel you would like more…

• Now you can Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dynamic, successful selling.
• Understand the essential psychology of the sales process.
• Find new business!
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• Make higher value sales!