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  • Managing Change Course "Very Interesting and motivating to understand and positively embrace and manage change. Thank you. " Deepak Chadra, Wurth Electronics
  • Excellent course. "I will take a lot away with me to take action on. Melanie was very informative.’ Chris Tucker, Herma UK"
  • Managing Change Course "Valuable knowledge gained in dealing with difficult ‘change’ situations. Trainer was very clear and knowledgeable. " Richard Bocock, The Nottingham Building Society
  • Great course. "Content really made me think about how to implement change. Well done. " Simon Pagram. Herma UK
  • Fantactic " Will recommend doing the same for my team."" Paul Moody, Merit Ltd
1 day

One Day Managing Change Training Course
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Things are changing faster now than at any other time in UK Business.
Change is an inevitable part of a successful business. Yet many are resistant, even fearful of change.

Great leaders know it is part of their role to identify areas of change, to implement the changes necessary and to motivate staff to work with the change for the good of the business.

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One Day Managing Change Training Course in Bury Manchester

Be a Master of Change.

This course will explain why change is necessary.  Show you how to be an master of change rather than a reluctant follower.  It will also give you practical strategies to help others go through the cycle of change to become willing participants of change.

Who is this course suitable for?

Managers and leaders who have to work through changes and get teams and individuals on board with the change.  It would also be very beneficial for those who are experiencing change and would like to understand their own reactions to it more and know how to handle change constructively.

Managing Change course content:

 - Defining change, its symptoms, its causes and its implications
 - Why do organisations experience change?
 - The pace of change
 - Strategic Drift and Continuous Improvement
 - The three types of change
 - Change - the only certain thing.  
 - The changes I have seen...'
 - The Change Model – working through the stages of change
 - The three personalities of change
 - Behaviours that support change and reduce resistance
 - 12 Rules for overcoming resistance
 - What do you need to consider when leading change? 
 - Analysing successful change good practice
 - Raising morale and motivation in self and others
 - Creating a high-performance culture
 - Using PESTLE Analysis for identifying future changes
 - Planning a change process in detail 
 - Personal action plans.

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"It worked for me" Don't just take our word for it, these are quotes from previous delegates that attended the Managing Change Course in Manchester

‘Very Interesting and motivating to understand and positively embrace and manage change.  Thank you.’  Deepak Chadra, Wurth Electronics.

‘Great course.  Content really made me think about how to implement change.  Well done.’  Simon Pagram, Herma UK.

‘Valuable knowledge gained in dealing with difficult ‘change’ situations.  Trainer was very clear and knowledgeable.  Enjoyed learning about IV/EV philosophy.’  Richard Bocock, The Nottingham Building Society.

‘Excellent course.  I will take a lot away with me to take action on.  Melanie was very informative.’  Chris Tucker, Herma UK.

‘Very thought provoking content.  Melanie is a very confident presenter who conducts the course in a relaxed manner and involves all delegates.  Yet another good MLP course!  Thank you!’  Paul Eggbeer, Herma UK.

 From in house training with Wyevale Nurseries

‘Very thought provoking information that I will use regularly over many years to come.  Melanie guided us through the day very professionally and made us consider our role within the organisation which will help me going forward. Lots to think about and we shall be monitoring things more closely from now on.’ Adam Dunnett.

‘The rate of change in our business is accelerating to a point we recognised that this is a really key skill.  Today’s course has given a solid theoretical background and lots of practical ideas to put into immediate action.  Working together with the whole Senior Management Team has also served as an excellent team building session and fired us up to get on with the exciting, but often feared aspects of developing the business.  The course was delivered at a good pace that kept us focused all the way through, but nothing felt rushed or skimped on. Thank you.’ Andy Johnson.

‘Although quite a bit of theory, it was all relevant and well balanced with examples and exercises to make it real and useful with practical tips to take away. Well paced, giving me time to absorb information.  Also so much of the information can be used in other situations.’  Sue Whitmore.