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One Day Managing Change Training Course in Bury Manchester

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We Train Managers To Manage Change in your business
If you are looking for a great course on Change Management then this it

Be a Master of Change.
This course will explain why change is necessary. Show you how to be a Master Of Change. It will also give you practical strategies to help others go through the cycle of change to get the results you want.

Who is this course suitable for?

Managers and leaders who have to work through changes and get teams and individuals on board with the change.  It would also be very beneficial for those who are experiencing change and would like to understand their own reactions to it more and know how to handle change constructively.

Managing Change course content:
 - Why do organisations experience change?
 - The pace of change
 - Continuous Improvement 
 - The Change Model  
 - 12 Rules for overcoming resistance 
 - Raising morale and motivation in self and others
 - Creating a high-performance culture
 - Using PESTLE Analysis for identifying future changes
 - Planning a change process in detail 
 - Personal action plans.

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You can book online or call 01204 888826

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‘Very Interesting and motivating to understand and positively embrace and manage change.  Thank you.’  Deepak Chadra, Wurth Electronics.

‘Great course.  Content really made me think about how to implement change.  Well done.’  Simon Pagram, Herma UK.

‘Valuable knowledge gained in dealing with difficult ‘change’ situations.  Trainer was very clear and knowledgeable.  Enjoyed learning about IV/EV philosophy.’  Richard Bocock, The Nottingham Building Society.

‘Excellent course.  I will take a lot away with me to take action on.  Melanie was very informative.’  Chris Tucker, Herma UK.

‘Very thought provoking content.  Melanie is a very confident presenter who conducts the course in a relaxed manner and involves all delegates.  Yet another good MLP course!  Thank you!’  Paul Eggbeer, Herma UK.

You can book online call 01204 888826 or e-mail