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2 days


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At MLP Training we have spent over 25 years working with some of the biggest Sales organisations and the very Best Sales people around the world.

We have trained Sales People in the UK, USA, Europe and the Far East. We know that the Best Sales People & Best Sales Teams, like the Best Athletes, invest in continuous training and personal development.
In all Sales Teams we see low, average and high performers.
So why is it that Salespeople selling the same products get different results?
High achieving Sales People know What To Do And How to Do It.
In this 2 Day Successful Sales Training programme we will give you the skills used by the Top Sales People In the Top Sales Companies.
You will discover how top sales people
Open doors,
Build rapport,
Identify needs,
Present solutions,
Overcome objections
And Close More Sales.

Great Sales People know that luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
That’s why great salespeople do their preparation then go out and create the opportunity.

Nothing Will Happen To Increase Your Sales Without Action From You.
If you are determined to be the best then this is for you.Why not join us on the next 2 Day Sales Training Course Bury Manchester.
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You can book online or call 01204 888826 

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Can I say I had the pleasure of doing Mike Le Puts  courses and I can say it was brilliant and I learnt so so much this guy is absolutely brilliant in what he does so If any of you guys need someone to train any of your sales guys in sales,time management,goal setting ect then this is definitely the man to do so.
"What an Amazing 2 days." Thomas Kershaw JR Whitehead 2000 ltd.

" Very insightful and great for all levels of Sales Experience.By far the best training session I've attended, Nicola Hatton Midland HR

"Excellent Course. Very well Presented"Calum Vercity
"This sales course is a must for any New or experienced Sales Person" Chris Waring. Asco Numatics
"Thoroughly enjoyed it, Several light bulb moments." George Dodwell LC Auomation

“This was the most informative and most interesting course I have ever attended. I feel more motivated and excited about my job now. The information was very well presented and very relevant. I feel I have learned a tremendous amount of very important information and many new techniques” Chris Dewall, Midcom Ltd

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