Effective Speed Reading Training Course in Manchester

1 day


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One Day Effective Speed Reading Course
In Bury Manchester
How to read faster and comprehend More.
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How much time do you spend reading?
Why not read it faster?
If you do a lot of reading then you’ll know how time-consuming it can be.Did you know it’s possible to increase your reading speed by up to 300%.
How much Time could this save you?
Imagine if you could:
Speed up paperwork
Have a cleaner desk
Complete the to-do list
Zoom through e-mails and get more free time.
Well now you can.
This practical course will teach you the skills required to speed read whilst maintaining understanding, including knowledge of brain-eye co-ordination. Your reading speed is measured and then, with the testing of different techniques, measured again so you can identify the processes that work directly for you. 
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Delegates should bring sufficient reading material typical of their own work to allow for reading at their current speed. They should also bring a pocket calculator and watch. so as to see a marked improvement during the day.
Speed Reading course content:

 - Myths of reading
 - The reading process – brain and eye activities
 - Reading speed assessments
 - Comprehension
 - Scan, question, read, retain, recall
 - Summarising
 - Note taking for recall
 - Comprehension blocks and bad habits
 - Procrastination aids
 - Surveying
 - Skimming
 - Recall Patterns
 - Seven step plan to increase reading speeds without losing comprehension
 - Personal action planning
Trainer profile: Melanie Windle

Melanie Windle is an experienced and creative trainer and group facilitator whose methods of delivery empower individuals  to realise their potential.  
So If you want to…

Read it Faster, Speed up paperwork, Complete the to-do list, Keep up to date with information, Zoom through e-mails and get more free time

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Hope you can join us for this One Day Effective Speed Reading Training Course in Bury Manchester.
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"Great Practical advice. I would recommend to others. Natalie Shaw RBS.

'This course has increased my reading speed making me aware of what slows me down and techniques that increase my reading speed.  Now I look forward to enjoy reading both for business and leisure.’  Kim Orjan Unsgaard, Knif Trygghet Forsikring As.

‘Pleasantly surprised at how much my reading and comprehension speeds improved.  Many different techniques covered and built up in a logical way over the day.’  Mike Blake, PMI Health Group Ltd.

‘Excellent, practical, and very useful.  Happy to recommend to anyone who needs to improve this skill.  I found that I gained tangible results and transferable skill in just one day.  Thanks to Melanie for a job well done!’  Steve Murphy, NHS North West.

‘Hugely valuable course – I made a massive improvement in my speed and comprehensions in just one day.  Really valuable theory and practice.  Also added bonus of learning how powerful mind maps are!’  Tony Prosser, MD of Realtime UK.

You can book online call 01204 888826 or e-mail