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  • Appraisals & Performance Course "Well delivered course with lots of great ideas.I have much to do when I return to the office! " Alex Miller We Are Creation LTD
  • Performance Management Training "Very engaging and informative trainer and excellent resource pack. Thanks " Rachael Raine, M247.
  • Appraisals & Performance "A very informative course which I feel will be beneficial in the structuring of our own Appraisal System. " Graham Sims, Sims Systems Ltd.
  • Appraisals Skills Training "Thought provoking. Some gems of wisdom. A sense of the importance of getting appraisals right, regular and genuinely open. " Chris Clarke, HB Projects
1 day

Appraisals & Performance Training Course

If you are keen to:
Improve Performance, Increase Motivation, Lower Staff Turnover, Increase Profit

Then this Is for you.
Get The Results You Want And Deserve

This course will give you the skills to carry out effective staff appraisals.

Discover how effective monitoring of staff performance can be in relation to the aims and progress of your teams and your organisation.

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"It worked for me! I felt fulfilled and empowered by what I learnt. Excellent training.” Shelia Ladeji, Sure Start Children’s Center

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One Day Appraisals & Performance Training Course

How you can use Appraisals to grow your business.

Helping people develop their day-to-day performance is the role of every great Manager.

Giving positive feedback and guidance is a Key Skill in the development of your people.

The appraisal process is the key to continuous improvement, company growth and staff retention.

The role of management in the annual appraisal is crucial, as what you decide affects the year ahead. Handled well and with joint responsibility, quality appraisals can really develop your staff and aid your people management tasks throughout the year.

This course will demystify the whole appraisal process. Beneficial for those who have responsibility of carrying out appraisal interviews, this course will also help you in your own appraisal with your manager.

Appraisals and Performance Training course content:

 - Clarify the definitions of appraisal
 - What is the purpose of appraisals?
 - Different methods of appraisal
 - What is your role in the process?
 - Identify skills and ‘tools’ necessary for effective appraisal delivery
 - Communication model - questioning, listening and feedback
 - Personal qualities
 - Preparing for appraisals – the appraiser and the appraisees
 - Conducting the appraisal interview
 - Develop an approach to staff development
 - Goal setting and motivating staff
 - Addressing performance through appraisal
 - Case study work, applying the knowledge
 - Action plans for further development

Trainer profile: Melanie Windle

Melanie Windle is an experienced and creative personal development trainer and group facilitator whose methods and style of delivery empower individuals and groups to realise their potential. Melanie has been involved in developing people for over 25 years. Her specialist areas of training are the personal development skills required for managing ourselves, managing others or being managed. She works extensively across all three sectors – public, private and not-for-profit – both nationally and internationally.

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"It worked for me" Don't just take our word for it, these are quotes from previous delegates that attended the Appraisal and Performance Course in Manchester

‘A very informative course which I feel will be beneficial in the structuring of our own Appraisal System.  Melanie was very receptive to our own comments and questions and was able to develop our thinking.’  Graham Sims, Sims Systems Ltd.

‘Well delivered course with lots of great ideas.  I have much to do when I return to the office!’ Alex Miller We Are Creation.

‘I have taken so much away from this course, Thank you.  I am feeling confident that what I am currently practicing at my company is good and on track.  I have taken away lots of tips and new ideas including how to give praise/criticism and how to ask for feedback.  Very engaging and informative trainer and excellent resource pack.  Thanks Melanie!’ Rachael Raine, M247.

‘Thought provoking. Some gems of wisdom.  A sense of the importance of getting appraisals right, regular and genuinely open.’  Chris Clarke, HB Projects.

‘Thought provoking yet action orientated.   I have got a long list of personal and organisational actions to develop our appraisal system.  The course went way beyond the form – it’s the attitude and skills brought to the appraisal that creates good outcomes.  Thanks, very helpful.’  Karen Hands, Bootstrap Enterprises.

‘Great timing is we addressed a number of internal issues, has given us plenty of food for thought for moving the business forward and has been really valuable.’  Ian Graham, JGM Agency

‘Very informative.  Eye  opening and helped address real life situations whilst working through the course and looking forward to putting into practice the things I have learnt.’  Stuart,  JGM Agency

‘Lots of food for thought.  Now have definite action plan of what I need to do.  Plenty of helpful and useful tools.  Nicely timed and presented in a nonthreatening environment -  enjoyable.’  Louise King, Beechwood Medical Centre

Thought-provoking.  With some gems of wisdom, of course!  Leaves a sense of the importance of getting appraisals right, regular, and genuinely open.  Guarantees you will have work to do when you leave!’ C A Clarke, HB Projects

‘Content, pace and delivery was excellent.  I have definitely taken a lot of new and resurrected ideas and solutions.  The venue was comfortable and pleasant to spend the day and lovely food included.  Well structured and informative day, thank you.’  Christine Delacruz, UK Healthcare

'From an in-house course for Adaptive Comms where they wanted to create their own appraisal system.

‘I enjoyed the content and delivery of the course it was thought provoking and challenging.  It allowed us to discuss as a team what we wanted without prescription.’ James Brayshaw, Managing Director

‘Encouraged open discussion and helped to tailor to meet our needs’ Mike Gallivan, HR Director

‘Good work on drawing out the need for a positive approach to the appraisal – removing fear. Interesting discussion on when to elicit and deal with problems.  Overall a success which will enable us to develop a useful appraisal process.’  John Brayshaw Finance Director

‘Excellent course content, just the correct insight in this area, once again another informative and well paced course from MLP.’  Struart Warr, Operations Manager

‘I have learnt a greater understanding of what the aim of an appraisal is and how to both prepare myself to give an appraisal and also for the appraisee to prepare.’ Katie St Clare, Sales Manager

‘The course was very informative with lots of clear illustrations.  Melanie was very good at getting the information over to us.’ Mark Whittle, IT Technical Manager