2 Day Training the Trainer Training Course

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  • Training The Trainer Course "Great course,fantastic mix of people a brilliant trainer. I am more confident to deliver in the workplace Great two days.Thank you ." Dee Parry, Mawdsleys
  • Training Skills Course "This course has been really beneficial.I would recommend this course to others in my business " Kelly Rowley, Jewson
  • Train The Trainer Course "Great course that is provided me with the relevant skills and disciplines to deliver training workshops confidently and competently ." Jimmy Mclarty, Classic Holidays
2 days

Two Day Training the Trainer Training Course.

We Train Your Trainers To Get Results

Do you want Great Trainers working in your business?
Trainers who can design and deliver great Training? To Empower your people with the skills they need, and give them the tools to get things done?

Then we can help you achieve your goal. Founded in 1990 we have spent over 25 years developing this great Train the Train Courses so that your
people can become outstanding Trainers.

Our trainers at MLP Training are experienced and creative personal development trainers and group facilitators whose methods and style of delivery empower individuals and groups to realise their potential.

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Two Day Training the Trainer Course in Bury Manchester

Who should attend?

Trainers who want to deliver great training be proud of a job well done and be remembered as an exceptional trainer.

On this Train the Trainer course, your Trainers will discover:

 - The use of course contracts, objectives and expectations.
 - How adults learn 
 - Influences on learning                     
 - Kolb's theory of learning
 - Learning Styles
 - VARK – Visual, Auditory, Reading and Kinaesthetic learning  
 - The role of effective communication
 - Different types and styles of training?
 - Solo v’s Co-training
 - Tools of the trade! 
 - Theory of groups; their value and use in training. 
 - Fears of group work, what can go wrong? 
 - What would make training ineffective? 
 - Trouble shooting for difficult training situations
 - The what ifs...?
 - Designing a training programme. 
 - Designing own activities and materials
 - Using ‘off the shelf’ training materials.
 - Techniques of feedback.
 - Johari's Window
 - Presentation skills
 - How do you evaluate your training? 
 - Questions and Answers

Trainer profile: Melanie Windle

Melanie Windle is an experienced and creative personal development trainer and group facilitator whose methods and style of delivery empower individuals and groups to realise their potential. Melanie has been involved in developing people for over 25 years. Her specialist areas of training are the personal development skills required for managing ourselves, managing others or being managed. She works extensively across all three sectors – public, private and not-for-profit – both nationally and internationally.

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"It Worked for me"Don't just take our word for it, these are quotes from our previous delegates who attended the Train the Trainer Course in Manchester.

‘Came to the course with an open mind, with some expectations of what I wanted from the course such as, writing session plans, improving the skills I already have by sharing ideas and experiences.  I can honestly say that I received all of what I needed and more, Melanie was very informative with a wealth of knowledge, her course material was very useful and will be in the future. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to come on this course and will hopefully become a more rounded trainer using my new tools.’ Maureen Cromwell, Training Co-Ordinator Robert McBride.

‘I found the course to be incredibly effective with regards to my individual needs. Not only do I now feel fully equipped to re-write the new starter training programme, it was also a catalyst for new ideas for future programmes.  Melanie did an excellent job at keeping me engaged and I have happily taken on board her comments both with regards to my presentation and also with regards to role plays!’ Paula Taylor, Head of Talent Acquisition, Liquid Personnel.

‘This course exceeded my expectations by delving into the psychology of training, rather than just saying “this is what you should do, and this is how you do it”.  Everything was backed up with a “this is why we do this”.  It covered things I knew, but this was not a bad thing, because the training built on what I knew and expanded my mind.  I’ll definitely recommend this to others.’ Rachel Douglas, Trainer for AVACAD/CAM Ltd.

‘Well thought out course with good content.  Some very valuable ideas to develop my training for the future.  Melanie covered everything well, answering all our questions.’  Cliff Whitwell, Millers Oils.

‘Gave me a superb amount of realisations, that I can do it! Given me confidence to go away and put it all into practice!  Thank you.’  Mandy Richards, Millers Oils.

‘Have thoroughly enjoyed this course from the start.  Melanie is very welcoming and encouraging.  This course gave a good insight into the methods of teaching and styles of learning.  It has given me a lot to think about and a lot of ideas.’  Emma Duffin, Wurth Electronics.

‘Really enjoyable course, I have learnt a lot more training techniques that I thought I would. Easily applicable to my current role.  Has confirmed this is a route I would like to progress down. I would definitely recommend to others.’ Nicola Mundy, Axion Recycling.

‘A real in-depth training course fantastically structured I was wanted to know and learn more, and at no stage became disillusioned or negative can really see the path we’ve taken since yesterday morning.  This has provided me information and skill sets.  I will use for the rest of my career.  Thank you Melanie.’  Vinny Hanson, The Mailing Room.

‘This course has been really beneficial in a sense of checking the courses that I am already deliveingy and adding more value to them.  I’ve taken away many ideas and now understand the theory and why behind techniques.  Melanie is very passionate about what she does and very knowledgeable I would recommend this course to others in my business.’  Kelly Rowley, Jewson.

‘Great course, with a fantastic mix of people and a brilliant trainer.  Having completed the course I am more confident to deliver in the workplace and hopefully see great results.  I’ve learnt a lot more, not only from Melanie, but also the other trainees great two days and great results thank you.’  Dee Parry, Mawdsleys.

‘Great course that is provided me with the relevant skills and disciplines to deliver training workshops confidently and competently.’ Jimmy Mclarty, Classic Holidays.

From an in-house course for Tangerine Holdings (incorporating Agri-Lloyd;  Vet Plus; Carr & Day & Martin)

‘I really enjoyed the course and have learnt a lot- particularly different techniques to structure training and deal with different situations.  I can now plan more logically with structure that enables me to instil in others and maintain control.’ Alex Hancock.

‘Really engaging and interesting course – particularly enjoyed the psychology and learning styles. I will definitely use this and prepare fully for training.’ Laura Millross.

‘Really informative.  Made me much more aware of the importance of planning and delivery to engage everyone.  I now have techniques to check how much people have learnt and will use the information I pass on. Thoroughly enjoyed!’ Nicola Slater.

‘The course was a fluid journey from us learning about ourselves, to learning about how we can relate that to teaching others.  It felt relaxed, friendly and open.’ Rosalind Gehring.

‘Really useful and applicable advice.  The pace worked very well.  The content was a true eye-opener and has allowed me to broaden my training styles to include differing types of learning.  All in all a great course!’ Kate Bielanska.

‘Very relatable content with useful hands on techniques for successful training.  Melanie was approachable and made it enjoyable and interesting using the techniques she was teaching!’  Chantelle McKefy.

‘I have really enjoyed and benefited from this course. This course has changed how I want to run training sessions and I think this will really benefit my students. Thanks.’  Laura Rossell.

‘Very productive session which more than met expectations.  Excellent course content which made me think about the audience and the different ways they learn and absorb information.’  Gary Welsh.

‘Very useful, beneficial to anyone in the company who ‘presents’ i.e. virtually all employees.  Would recommend this course.’  Emma Farrell.

‘Genuinely have taken a lot out of this course and will be using various thought processes and techniques in my work i.e. training and also meetings. Thank you.’ Ollie Collingham.

‘Many thanks to Melanie for this interesting and informative training session.  It highlighted the range of options available to promote the buy in of the audience by using different methods – very constructive.’ Paul Smith.