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  • Leading the Team "Very comprehensive course giving us different views in how to manage people how much impact it has in peoples work satisfaction. " Karlos Gordobil, AVA CAD CAM
  • Strategies for Leadership "Very thought provoking. Will definitely be taking actions back to the office. Will recommend to others.Thanks." Steve Lawton Optilead
  • Leadership Styles ""This was one of the best Training Courses I have attended" " Nick Slack Glasdon UK ltd
  • Leadership Training "Presentation, Perfect, thank you very much. " Wigan and Leigh CVS
  • Leadership Skills "Some excellent area of discussion and I took a lot from it. Not only in myself but also my team. " Iain Cass, Crossroads
  • Leadership Course "Fantastic course. Very informative. A great eye opener and gave me an insight on myself and my leadership abilities " Nita Parmar, Fairpoint
  • How to Be a Gret Leader "Opened my eyes to different styles of leadership. The topics covered today will definitely make it into my daily routine. " James East Wurth Electronics.
1 day

One Day Management Leadership Training Course

Motivate Your Team To Get The Results You Deserve

Leadership is the ability to help people achieve things they don't think are possible. Leaders are coaches with a passion for developing others, they get satisfaction from inspiring others to excel.

We Train Managers To Be Great Leaders

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One Day Management Leadership Skills Training Course in Bury Manchester

This course will help you develop your leadership style and effectiveness, examining leadership from these perspectives:

Yours - understanding and developing the skills and characteristics you have and how you use them.

Your team’s - how team members may perceive you and the effect you have on them and they on you.

How your leadership impacts on the organisation as a whole. Discover how to drive the organisational vision?

Understanding leadership is finding a working balance between these three potentially conflicting perspectives and becoming flexible in your leadership approach to be able to meet the changing needs, both inside your business and wider in society. 

What are you and the people you lead truly capable of?

Do you want them always be the same or do you want to influence their development to support the leader’s vision?

This Management Leadership Skills course will allow you to explore what you and the people you lead are truly capable of and help you develop practical strategies to build upon your leadership character.

Management Leadership Skills course content:

 - What is leadership?
 - What is management?
 - Role reflection exercise – management or leadership tasks
 - The leadership role model
 - What kind of leader are you?
 - The 6 Functions of a leader - levels of authority and responsibility to deliver
 - The essential skills of leadership
 - Character traits and attitude of leadership
 - John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership – Task, Team, and Individual needs
 - Leadership Practices inventory
 - Knowing and developing your style of leadership
 - Leadership Styles
 - Continuum of leadership styles
 - Contingency Theory
 - Stages of Team Development and the role of the leader
 - Understanding and using empowerment
 - The role of leadership in your organisation
 - Your contribution to leadership
 - Perception of leadership
 - Personal action planning 

Trainer profile: Melanie Windle

Melanie Windle is an experienced and creative personal development trainer and group facilitator whose methods and style of delivery empower individuals and groups to realise their potential.
Melanie has been involved in developing people for over 25 years. Her specialist areas of training are the personal development skills required for managing ourselves, managing others or being managed. She works extensively across all three sectors – public, private and not-for-profit – both nationally and international.

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"It worked for me"feed backs from the Leadership Course

Don't just take our word for it, these are quotes from previous delegates who attended the Leadership Skills course in Manchester
‘Good well-structured course.  Time wise just right.  Some excellent area of discussion and I took a lot from it.  Identified areas that I need to work on and develop not only in myself but also my team.’  Iain Cass, Crossroads UK

"This was one of the best Training Courses I have attended" Nick Slack Gladsdon UK Ltd

“Excellent presentation, Perfect, thank you very much.” Wigan and Leigh CVS

‘Thank you Melanie for sharing your experience and expertise.  I found your calm approach like a balm and the thinking space I’ve had today has helped me focus my thoughts on what I can do.’ Michelle Rowbotham, Fairpoint

‘I found the course useful and will definitely implement some of the points that were made during it.  The venue and food was first class.’  Billy Roche, Tekpak Automation

‘Fantastic course very informative.  Melanie is a great trainer – very approachable.  A great eye opener and gave me an insight on myself and my leadership abilities.’ Nita Parmar, Fairpoint

‘The course was well presented and Melanie was enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  I have ideas to take back to my office for daily use and would recommend this course for other members of my team.’ Ian Roberts, ICL 

‘Really insightful course, I found it very useful for my personal situation at work. It was really good that Melanie helped each person with their specific problem in the workplace and it was reassuring during group discussion to realise that my problems were not unique, but actually quite common.’  Rachel Linfoot, The Roberts-Harry Dental Clinic 

‘An enjoyable course, lots of information and guidance, will look at ways of using my leadership skills.  Would recommend the course to other organisations for new and also existing managers.’  David Toulcher, KITS 

‘The course has proven to me that with more tolerance, communication and time spent with my team, I/we can achieve better results, and have more fun/rewards in doing so.’  Matthew Cain, Bargain Booze 

‘Thought provoking. Made me realise a lot of things I already do without thinking, but going forward how I can improve on this further. Thanks.’  David Barnes, Northern Insulation Contractors 

‘A very informative course, with some very thought provoking activities.  It was run very well, Melanie made it easy for you to get involved. Would definitely recommend it.  Thank you!’  Rachel Armstrong Bulldog Hotel Group.

‘Really good day, well presented, relevant and enjoyable.  Some high concept ideas and theories were made to make sense and I will apply the lessons learned.  Thanks very much!’  Nick John, Amethyst Group Ltd.

‘Opened my eyes to different styles of leadership. The topics covered today will definitely make it into my daily routine.’  James East -  Wurth Electronics.

‘Very comprehensive course giving us different views in how to manage people how much impact it has in peoples work satisfaction.’  Karlos Gordobil, AVA CAD CAM

‘Great course, plenty of interaction.  Looking at different management styles to make you think about your own performance.  Gone away with some good ideas to implement.’  Keely Mason, Bradley-Mason.

‘Very enjoyable course, learnt more about management and leadership in one day than I have in the last two years!’ Paul Smith, Aquaspersions Ltd.

‘Thanks very much . It made me think and reflect!  I have a plan!’ Ian Hughes.

‘Eye opening course.  Valuable insight from a personal perspective and a company perspective.  Very helpful in terms of how I can improve individually but also how I can influence others.  Very thought provoking and invaluable for people looking at their leadership role.’ Craig Bibby,  Smith Jones Solicitors.

‘Great Day – very thought provoking.  Will definitely be taking actions back to the office.  Will recommend to others. Thanks.’ Steve Lawton Optilead.

‘Really enjoyed the day and gained a lot.  Refreshed what I knew but I had forgotten, also learned new stuff and strategies.  Good to talk to people from different organisations.’ Moira Tattersall, Carlisle College.

‘An enjoyable and interesting day.  Well presented, good content and pace.  Will reinforce ideas and gave some clear thoughts on ways to impact both myself and my team.’ Steve Salkeld, Carlisle College.

‘Taking time out of the day-to-day firefighting listening and interacting with other trainees has really helped me focus how much impact I can have on staff’s lives in and out of work.  Melanie was a fabulous trainer very interesting with relevant topics examples buzzing and ready to go back to the office to implement!  Thank you!’ Debbie Buchan, AVA CAD CAM

‘It’s a well put together course - thought-provoking.  Well put forward in a very friendly atmosphere that was engaging, interactive and with problem-solving ideas.’ 
Confident and Effective Leadership  
An In house for British Water Additives

‘Several very powerful models and concepts, very comfortably included and communicated into one session, very accomplished course leader in Melanie, all models and concepts readily applicable to BWA.  Melanie gave the impression of somebody who believed and lived models and concepts 100% enjoyed it thoroughly.  Colin Hogan

‘Interesting course that made me think about different aspects of my management style and how to improve them.  Also, it shows different ways to face situations with people.  I knew the tips in the future.’ Marta Farriols

‘Good pace throughout the whole day.  Handled the group dynamics very well.  Understated good assertive style was well received by all and great contents of course , thank you!’  David Cartmell, MD

‘Very clear, concise and professionally run course.  Very enjoyable.  As leader of the HR process.  It’s nice to share my passion of people with an expert .  Thank you.’  Angie Dolan

‘There are a lot of positives to take away from the course, which I can apply in my day-to-day job.  Material was excellent, with good examples.  The length of each topic was good.  I felt engaged with the presenter.’ Tariq Mahmood

‘Clear and easily understood and well presented an interesting range of topics.  Good structure providing me with actions take away from the day.  Kept my interest throughout useful breakout sessions, enabling me to discuss more tax related aspects of work.’  Alistair Sholl

‘Good structure to the course with clear contents and objectives.  Melanie presented very well and encouraged input from all participants.  Timeline of day was well thought out, there was plenty of time for exercises and good takeaway of actions.’  James Argyle

‘Very helpful in improving my understanding of my communication and coaching skills and how I use them.  Enlightening how my team perceives me and the effect I have them.  Reinforced how my leadership impacts the organisation.’ Jeff Kuamer

‘Really interesting and lively training.  Learnt a lot about the importance of listening and taking care of your staff in order to achieve targets and the importance of communicating a vision.’ Thomas Dalod