Assertiveness Skills Training Course

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  • Great Assertiveness Course "Recognised early this is a helpful course. All at my workplace should have this course. Thank you for a good course. " Kim Orjan Unsgaard, KNIF Trygghet Forsikring
  • Assertiveness Skills "By far the best course I have attended. I will take a lot back to work with me and move forward. " Paul Cook, Baerlocher UK Ltd
  • How to Be Assertive "Uplifting full content day and some interesting situations for me to handle much better in my work and personal life. Will help me very much " Gary Leivers, Abacus Lighting Ltd
  • Assertiveness Training "Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and have taken many useful techniques which I will incorporate into my work and my personal life. " Matthew Kirkland, APL.
1 day

Assertiveness Skills Training Course
Be Assertive in Any Situation and Get The Results You Deserve

Discover how behaving assertively will help you:
Be strong and courageous with difficult people. Stand up for yourself and get more of what you want.
- Gain more job satisfaction
- Gain self-confidence and self-esteem
- Improve communication
- Earn respect from others
- Create win-win situations
- Improve your decision-making skills
- Get more of what you want.

"Best and most useful course I have ever attended - many thanks.” Natalie Gibbs, Assistant Surveyor, Crispin and Borst

If you want to be more Assertive then why not join for the next one day course at The Bolholt Country Park Hotel Bury BL8 1PU

You can book online or call 01204 888826

Assertiveness Skills Course in Bury Manchester

Assertiveness is a life skill that can be learnt and practiced, benefiting all areas of your life.  In an organisation, it can impact every level, everyone and every task.

For a business, it can mean the difference between a sale or no sale; innovation or standing still; company loyalty or losing staff; motivation or absence; teamwork or self-interest.

An assertive workforce is good business sense!

This Assertiveness course will give you the skills and mind-set to want to make assertiveness part of your everyday behaviour and be able to influence others in a positive and respectful way.

Assertiveness Skills Course Content:

 - Identifying behaviour types
 - Verbal and non-verbal behaviour
 - Benefits of assertiveness
 - Barriers to being assertive 
 - Confidence breeds assertiveness
 - Fight or flight
 - Stimulus - Response Model
 - Managing your feelings
 - Transactional Analysis
 - Inner dialogue control
 - Assertiveness skills and solutions
 - Making requests and saying no

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to benefit from being Assertive in their interactions with others.

If you want to be more Assertive take action and join us for the next one day course at The Bolholt Country Park Hotel Bury BL8 1PU

Why not join us on the next course and book your place now?

You can book online or call 01204 888826.

Hope you can join us.


"It worked for me" Don't just take our word for it, these are quotes from previous delegates who have attended the Assertiveness Skills Course Course in Manchester.

“Course was thought provoking in the sense of self-examination to see what skills were already there, and identify how to improve on the weakness.  Has great relevance in my job function with regards to career progression.”  Glen Wallis,  Würth Elektronik

“Very good, well presented again by Melanie.  SAQO especially, along with the stimulus | Gap | Response section. “ Karim Helliwell, Microcare Systems Ltd  

“Uplifting full content day and some interesting situations for me to handle much better in my work and personal life.  Will help me very much. “ Gary Leivers, Abacus Lighting Ltd

“Recognised early this is a helpful course.  All at my workplace should have this course.  Thank you for a good course.’ Kim Orjan Unsgaard, KNIF Trygghet Forsikring

“An excellent course and a great insight into becoming more assertive in the workplace.’  Chris Tolley, Kimpton Building Services

“I have enjoyed today’s course. I was sceptical that as a passive person I could be assertive.  But have recognised that I think I can, and already see how I can put these skills into both my professional and personal life.’ Anne Mason, Deltec International Ltd.

“I enjoyed the day and thought the training was very beneficial.  It has drawn me into where I need to improve my skills and I will be putting these into practice at the earliest opportunity.  Thanks’ Jason Clarke, Xyone Ltd.

“Thoroughly enjoyed today it will make a difference in how I approach situations.  Have learned that being assertive does not mean forcing my opinion on others but means creating a win-win environment it also makes others feel assertive.’ Collette Shackley, Copeland Borough Council.

“I learned some very useful techniques and came away thinking about how I could have handled past situations differently and how I can use the things I’ve learned today in the future. I feel confident and well equipped to become more assertive!’ Rachel Clapham, Skills For Care.
“Very skilled presenter, some excellent concepts, well put together and structured. Melanie helped individuals with their problems and tailored the advice well.’  Jamie Elliott, HFL Risk Service Ltd.

“I came on this course to get a better insight into how to be assertive with difficult members of staff.  The course showed to me a great understanding in what I am not doing and doing wrong when I’m presented in these situations.  I certainly have taken some things to work on as soon as I get back.’ Craig Fearnley, Tech Folien Ltd.

"Melanie was an excellent presenter and the day was very professional from start to finish. I went away with many thought provoking ideas.’ Alexander Lee, Howden Controls Ltd.

“Very interesting course, I especially enjoyed learning about the psychology behind different interactions.  I think this will be useful for me to apply in all aspects of my life and not just in the workplace. Thank you!’ Sarah Connolly, AVA CAD CAM.

“Excellent presentation/trainer.  Melanie delivered a very interesting course which I feel I can take something away and improve life situations.’ Simon Bailey, Bauer Kompressoren UK Ltd.

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and have taken many useful techniques such as SAQO, Gap theory, which I will incorporate into not just my work life but also my personal life.’  Matthew Kirkland, APL.

'By far the best course I have attended.  I will take a lot back to work with me and move forward.’ Paul Cook, Baerlocher UK Ltd.

“The course redefined the meaning of assertiveness for me.  This was useful and helped to explain the ‘bigger picture’ goals that make an assertive manager more effective than an aggressive manager.  The course was useful in providing an opportunity to reflect on my own behaviour and that of others, understand the root of that behaviour.  It also provided tools to act.’  Georgina Turner, Skills for Care.

“The course was very different to what I expected. I generally misunderstood the meaning of assertiveness.  It’s not about being bullish and aggressive, but clever and considered. There are lots of insights throughout the day.  Lots of things to keep in mind when dealing with work and life situations.  Very enjoyable and useful.’  Caroline Harper, AVA CAD CAM.

“Very practical course which will be useful for management and staff at all levels.  The trainer was enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  Lots of takeaway skills and actions that will be useful to me when I return to work.’ Jon Hind, CADASSIST.

“Invaluable information throughout.  Will take so much into my management role, both with colleagues and higher management feel more confident to speak openly and honestly without ‘hurting’ anyone’s feelings.  It’s excellent course content throughout thank you Melanie, really enjoyable.’ Janine Potts, Edgar Brothers.

“I have learnt some exceptional skills for dealing with everyday situations in the workplace and in everyday life.  The trainer’s delivery of the course was very pleasant and informative.’ Ravinder Ughra, Alco Hi-tek Ltd.

“Found the course offered many new insights into behaviour and interactions that I’d never consider before.  Really enjoyed the day and will take home lots of things to consider and implement.’ Jack Levy, Jack The Lad Films.

“A truly informative and intriguing insight into behaviours, body language and gaining skills to become a better, more assertive person.  Clear and precise information and training thank you Melanie.’  Mark Logan, Aflek Hose Ltd.

“The course was very informative, instructive and interesting.  It taught me a lot about how and when to be assertive.  I will take a great deal from the course and enjoyed it very much so.’  Paul Foster,GNB Batteries