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1 day

Key Account Management Course
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Large complex Key accounts are different.... they are based on the supplier having an in-depth understanding of what the customer needs.

That means understanding the customers’ business the company structure and the customers’ goals.

It is also about building strong relationships and trust and working together so that the account manager is seen as a partner, an unpaid member of the customer's staff, a person they can trust and a person they can work with to the benefit of both parties.

The result is low risk for the Buyer and Increase Sales and Profits for you.

This course is run at The Bolholt Country Park Hotel Bury Manchester BL8 1PU or we can come to you and train your team as a team.

One Day Major Account Managers KAM Training course

Top  KAM Account Development Strategies.

1. Define what a Major Account is in terms of Turnover, Location, Product lines, Payment Terms, Profit, & Growth Potential
2. Look at your existing accounts and see how they stack up
3. Ask yourself “ What Is my Major Accounts Target and will I make target from this list?
4. Do an account audit on each account consisting of at least 20 questions to include the following.

Here are 11 questions to help you get started!

What is the size of this account as a market?
What is our Market share?
What are the Customers goals?
Can we name the Key People in terms of Money Authority & Need?
Do we have access to the Key People?
Do we have a Contact Strategy?
Who are our Competitors?
What is our USP?
Do we understand the Decision Process. Budgets and Financial justification?
What is our GOSPA. Goals Objectives Strategy Plan and Action?
Who should be the Account Manager?

A great Account Manager can:

 - Increase your Sales
 - Lower your Selling Costs
 - Increase Customer Loyalty
 - Keep out the competition
 - Grow your business

This Major Account Managers programme is for the more experienced sales professional who has an understanding of existing accounts and a desire to grow the business.

KAM Account Development is designed to help you:

 - Clearly identify your market sector
 - Profile your target market
 - Examine your current customer base
 - Define your Competitive advantage
 - Develop profitable long term key accounts 
Delegate numbers are strictly limited on this course - and that means you are guaranteed to get the personal tuition you need and deserve.

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Don't just take our word for it, these are quotes from previous delegates who have attended the Account Development Strategies Course in Manchester.
"Great course turned on the light bulbs" Robert Gibbins, Tingorne Holmes

“Brilliant Presentation, Really enjoyed it.” Andrew Park, Mercan Labels

“Really Good Course, Made me sit down and think.” Darren Blackburn, Hawk Group.

“Definitely Beneficial” Tony Wilmot, Rutronik

"Extremely knowledgeable Tutor.” Sebastian Moss, George Moss Ltd

"Excellent course" Ken Luke, Villeroy & Bock

“Excellent Course" Ian Fox, Crown Lift Trucks

“Would definitely recommend Steve Ward Nexus Vehicle Management”

Why not join us for this great Major Account Managers training course?
You can book online call 01204 888826 or e-mail